Results Summary — 29 December 2020

We had a great count with 40+ birders covering the lake, lowlands and higher elevations of Figueroa Mountain area. Our initial total of 150 species gets credited to an experienced and hard working group of birders that make the count happen. The Mountain Crew had it especially tough with icy roads making it unsafe to reach some key areas and apparently it was quite windy (yet again!!) I also had a report of many Mountain Lion tracks where there had been none the day prior.

We had some real highlights with 3 birds new for the count. A CALIFORNIA CONDOR and within 15 minutes of each other NASHVILLE WARBLER and BREWERS SPARROW. Another real highlight was a GREEN-TAILED TOWHEE which had been seen on just one prior count. Other nice finds were GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE,  NORTHERN SAW-WHET OWL and CACKLING GOOSE. Largely missing were Montane species. This not due to lack of effort but the combined effect of the birds quite possibly not being there (few were found in scouting) and the very challenging conditions.

Thanks go to:
All of the birders some of whom went to extraordinary lengths to find owls at insane hours of the morning, hike to remote sections of the mountain, get a boat out on a lake, adjust to a new assignment or bounce from area to area around the circle.  Lake Cachuma and Staff for supporting lake access and getting out and birding, Sedgwick Reserve for hosting dinner, many private land owners for allowing access.

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